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A couple’s wedding day is arguably one of the most-important days of their life, so why do so many consistently make a point of creating more opportunities for things to go wrong? With your FREE registration on My Ideal Wedding, we bring every single aspect of the event into one place in order to better coordinate and more-efficiently create a day—and subsequent memory—as beautiful as it is complex.

Let My Ideal Wedding help you have fun planning your special day- your ultimate Wedding Day Planner!

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Fire Rated Board

FireCrunch is a multi-functional CSIRO NATA Labs fire tested building board which can be used in both external cladding and internal wall cladding applications for residential and commercial properties. It is also of particular interest to those renovating or repairing homes where either plasterboard gypsum style linings or other kinds of high maintenance products have been used.

FireCrunch allows for a durable and lighter weight building board that is quick and easy to install and meets the non-combustible bushfire code AS 3959. AS 3837 and AS 1530.8.1.2 Resistant to not only fire, but also water, sound, impact, termites, mould and bacteria. FireCrunch flooring board is the leading choice as a multi-beneficial, all in one building board solution that is environmentally friendly; and a virtually carbon neutral product. It is Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board and built with fire resistant material. It meets three times the requirement level BAL 40 FZ under bushfire code AS 1530.8.2 (See AS 1530.4-2005 CSIRO certificates on website).
Additionaly, FireCrunch is 8 to 10 times stronger than normal plaster board products and blocks noise with a high acoustic value of Rw62+Ctr 52 net for the 10mm board and FireCrunch is virtually fire proof, FRL 60/60/60 fire rated wall, FRL 90/90/90 fire rated board and over(CSIRO)***

This is why we say “FireCrunch Board – One Building Board, Multiple Applications”.

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