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A couple’s wedding day is arguably one of the most-important days of their life, so why do so many consistently make a point of creating more opportunities for things to go wrong? With your FREE registration on My Ideal Wedding, we bring every single aspect of the event into one place in order to better coordinate and more-efficiently create a day—and subsequent memory—as beautiful as it is complex.

Let My Ideal Wedding help you have fun planning your special day- your ultimate Wedding Day Planner!

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Automatic Doors

Automatic blinds: is it a good idea to install them?

Automatic blinds: is it a good idea to install them? Automatic blinds are a fundamental element when looking to improve the level of automation and even the security of the house. In addition, although it seems, its installation is neither so expensive nor so complex. Home renewals in many cases seek to modernise a house that has become obsolete over time. Investments tend to be initially aimed at finishing touches on floors, walls and ceilings; as well as in changing the furniture. However, modernising the house also involves betting on elements of automation that would allow us to achieve better energy consumption, take advantage of natural light at key...