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Automatic blinds: is it a good idea to install them?

Automatic blinds: is it a good idea to install them?

Automatic blinds are a fundamental element when looking to improve the level of automation and even the security of the house. In addition, although it seems, its installation is neither so expensive nor so complex.

Home renewals in many cases seek to modernise a house that has become obsolete over time. Investments tend to be initially aimed at finishing touches on floors, walls and ceilings; as well as in changing the furniture. However, modernising the house also involves betting on elements of automation that would allow us to achieve better energy consumption, take advantage of natural light at key times of the day, and also add value to the home in case it is intended to rent or sell it in the future. In that sense, while not the first idea to keep in mind, electric blinds can be a very interesting element to take into consideration.

Automatic blinds can be of very different types, and depending on it, the cost can be more contained or elevated considerably. Choosing one or the other depends not only on the budget you have available but also on the use you look to give them. For example, in a summer house that is not going to be rented and which is used limited times a moth it is not a smart investment to install automatic blinds.

The Advantages of Choosing Automatic Blinds

Many new apartments and houses, as well as those more exclusive houses, already incorporate automated blinds in all the windows of a house. However, when it comes to analysing them by yourself, in a house you already own and intend to renew it is important to know the advantages of having automatic blinds. Here are some of the most important ones you may not have paid too much attention to:

  • Improvement of electrical consumption: if you can manage the downhill and rise blinds when you are not at home, you can achieve significant energy savings by maintaining the temperature in the home, either by the use of air conditioning or heating, according to the time of year.
  • Better use of light: electric blinds allow you to better use the light of the whole house in an automated way.
  • Improved security for your home: automatic blinds can include security systems that prevent access to your home through windows that do not have bars.
  • The value of the property increases both for rent and for sale: Automatic blinds are a way to invest in your home and increase the cost of renting or selling your house. In addition, they will not go out of style with the passage of time as it happens the decoration. It is something that will keep being useful even over the years.
  • They can add a special touch to the decoration thanks to its many variations in designs and colours: the wide variety of automatic blinds in the market gives you the chance to find a style that adds something to the inside design of your house.

 Turning normal blinds into automatic ones

Probably for those who have the most limited budgets, automatic blinds are an investment that they think slips out of their hands. If in your case you appreciate the advantages of automatic blinds, but you would like to have a cheaper option to be able to include it in your next home renewal plan then we have the solution. Although with this idea you would not achieve the pros that offer the most sophisticated some models in the market, such as controlling your blinds from mobile devices, you could enjoy the ease of use and avoid head jams of manual blinds.

Steps to turn manual blinds into automatic

  1. The first thing you should do is remove the blind from the drum. Check if all the sheets are fine.
  2. Position the motor on the winding shaft following the instructions found inside the box. It is really simple to assemble, as you will only have to check the electrical and power connections that come with the engine you bought.
  3. Once the engine has been installed, it is time to put the blind into the drum again. If everything has been mounted well, with the next step your automatic blind should be ready.
  4. Now you only have to plug the cable to an outlet.

With these steps you will be able to turn your blind into an automatic blind easily. In reality, you only need to be a little handy and a little time to get take advantage of all the benefits this change offers.

Automatic blind options for the most demanding

The most sophisticated automatic blinds include extra features that can bring greater comfort, but above all, greater distinction to your home. In that sense, there are several companies in the market that commercialise this type of blinds with the most original and luxurious finishes. At the same time, do not forget to incorporate the latest technology and not only allow you to raise and lower the blind with a button, but also give you the ability to do it remotely, from mobile devices. With this you get total control of the house, because with these apps you can independently close or open blinds or do it in a group or when you are not at home and you will not return in long periods of time.

Although prices are much more expensive than the method we have explained earlier to enjoy of automatic blinds, the investment may be worth it. Of course, if you decide this is the type of blinds you want, it is recommendable to look for experts who will provide you quality options to take your home renewal to the next step.

Here at Magic Button Automation we are happy to provide you with modern ways to renew your house and make sure the luxury of security and convenience is just one click away from you. Contact us today and get a competitive quotation.

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